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Milk Barô 1 Calf Feeder c/w Hooks to fit 25mm Rail, 'Click' System

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The new Milk Bar 4 litre calf feeder features:

  • Clip-on teat to make changing teats easier.
  • The feeders also has a self locking catch to secure the feeder to rails and gates.
  • Moulded increments help give accurate feeding measurements.

How to change the teat

The ‘Click’ System only uses Milk Bar teats with square holes.




Pull apart the two catches that hold the teat securely in place.






Remove the old, used teat.

Place the new Milk Bar teat over the spigot and press down firmly.






Click the catches back into place.

The Milk Bar teat is now secure and ready for use



The unique slow feeding Milk Bar™ teat is designed with an internal web and an inverted nipple.  Together, they control the flow rate of a calf feeding as it would do naturally on its mother.

The new born calf must drink from a new Milk Bar™ teat, ensuring maximum salivation. If the calf moves to a peer group pen, the teat must be relocated in the group feeder to follow the calves development.

The growing calf gradually transfers its need for saliva from drinking to the ruminating phase. Therefore “follow the teat”:

  • Calves nurse naturally
  • Drug free health care
  • Helps prevent scours
  • Helps prevent pneumonia
  • No cross suckling
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