Stallion Peach Teats Screw in (Black)

Stallion Peach Teats Screw in (Black)

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Brand:  Stallion

Introducing the Stallion Peach Teats Screw in (Black), the perfect solution for improving your livestock's feeding experience. These teats are specially designed to enhance milk flow and provide optimal comfort for your animals. With their durable screw-in design, they offer easy installation and a secure fit. The black color adds a sleek and modern touch to your livestock equipment. Crafted from high-quality materials, these teats are built to last and withstand rigorous use. The Stallion Peach Teats Screw in (Black) is a reliable choice for efficient and hassle-free feeding. Upgrade your livestock's feeding routine and ensure their well-being with this exceptional product.

The Black and Pink threaded teats can be screwed on or pulled through a standard or home made feeder with a 20mm (3/4 inch) hole. With traditional teats when a calf squeezes the teat most of the milk goes right back into the container. The Peach Teat’s unique patented internal collapsing flap-valve holds the milk in the teat making it much more responsive to the calf’s needs. It is designed to function like a real cows teat, moving all the time while the calf is suckling, never closing in its relaxed state. This means that the teat is self-cleaning and resists blocking.

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